I'm Noah Willemse, based in Haarlem, the Netherlands. I'm a graduate from the University of Amsterdam in Product Design. In my journey towards this path, after completing my studies, I struggled to find a role that truly resonated with my aspirations. The conventional didn't spark joy within me. Instead, I discovered my happiness lies in hands-on work, crafting pieces that merge my endless imagination with visual concepts.
My mind overflows with creativity and an endless stream of ideas. I'm driven by the irresistible pull of building something uniquely my own. The portals I create are more than just reflective surfaces; they're an extension of my identity a fusion of artistry and functionality that embodies my passion for design.
My quest isn’t only about crafting mirrors, it's about infusing life into spaces. There are intentionally organic shapes incorporated in my designs. Gently reminding individuals of nature and evoking a sense of tranquility, aiming for a feeling of connection and calmness. Let my portals be the conversation starters in your spaces, a blend of creativity and practicality that brings a touch of uniqueness to your world.
GlasUp began by upcycling old stained glass windows into new small creations. However, I soon realized that my full creative potential wasn't being tapped into. This led me to the creation of today's portals. Though not entirely recycled, I strive for sustainable practices. I aim to use second-hand mirrors whenever possible and occasionally repurpose glass. I'm meticulous in minimizing material usage, aiming to generate as little waste as possible. Additionally, much of my packaging stems from leftover construction materials.